Just another (hypo)manic Sunday

I worked on the boat today. Another couple of weeks and it might be water worthy. I am so tired. I might need to stop working full time. Nah, full time is doable, it’s just a mite tiring. Anyway, L, my son, and I got the 88 hp outboard put on in place of the 60hp that was on it. That boat is gonna streak across water like a dolphin! I’m not excited, not at all!

I know that the whole fam is ready for recreation. Next, M wants to look for a camper. It is in the realm of possibility, we’ve bought a couple in the past less than $1000.00. It would be nice to camp/fish on days off again. Just the thought has my juices flowing. (Minor hypomania event).

Anyway, we are getting all of the minor problems fixed. It is still gonna cost stupid money to get into the water. I don’t care. Next will be to get the fishing gear together. There are plenty of poles and reels, they just need the right weight line on the spools. We usually use minnows for bait but artificial baits won’t be out of the picture, Ha!

I still have to install the trolling motor. Geo gave me a nice one with a long shaft. That will make putting it on the boat a snap. I acquired a new battery for the motor and lights, I’m going to use LED lights so there will be minimal battery drain. I think that I am going to install courtesy lights inside the boat also.


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