Blowing jasmine

My new job as a produce person is not rocket science. People act like I’m doing this bang-up job but. .oh well.  Today i was alone all day, gee, so scary. .not! I’m happy that i don’t suffer agoraphobia like so many bi polars do. It would make work impossible. I will have to see whether i will be able to stand the pain levels that i am experiencing now. The last couple of days my abdominal pain has been 7 out of ten while taking pain meds. But I was having it this intensity not working. The difference of course is that i can lie down or do other things that I can’t do at work.

I know i bitch incessantly. I find it hard to be positive. The noise level in my head is getting louder these days and i think that has something to do with it. I sometimes hear the radio without it being turned on but i attribute that to vent noise from the car air conditioner. I don’t like noise much. The music that they play in the store is on a loop so it plays the same songs over and over and over.

I’m off to sleep. I work 10 to 7 tomarrow.


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