Youtube experience

I’m working 5am  2pm for the next two days. This is my second week at big box store. I’m doing okay so far, except that my feet hurt. The work itself isn’t bad. I stock produce and I’m salad to be doing it. Ha ha. The only other thing is this belly thing that i have. I’m bloated bigger than a woman 6 months pregnant. My only hope is that I’ll explode. I just hope I’m not at work when it happens. I hurt so bad tonight. I was in hopes that the Dr I went to would at least talk about my situation but I’ve left two phone calls to his office and are still unanswered.

I’m really tired right now so I’m gonna go to bed in a little while. I had my 30 second shower, took my drugs and now, for the countdown! Seroquel, Lamictal and a percocet and I’ll be down for the count in no time! I hate hurting, especially at bed time. My brain is racing and bouncing around in my head like crazy. I have a million things to do tomarrow I’m rehearsing them all at once. Hell of a time do it.

No worries .I took my meds long enough ago, I’ll start to slow down in a little while. At work i take everything gracefully. I figure I was unemployed when i started this job, i know how to still be unemployed. It certainly takes the pressure off. Taking this job is nice to think that i will be getting a paycheck. I really thought that the exercise would help my system. No such luck. My hope is that I don’t have an accident. Be my luck, someone will have their cell phone on and,  Poof! I’m on youtube!

like i said, my meds are predictable. I’m about to night night land everyone, goodnight!


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