Traffic hell

I have a manic episode raging  now. My Wife was stopped for a supposed illegal turn and couldn’t find our insurance card. The turn was legal according to the drivers guide in our state. I wonder if the ticket on the failure to show insurance would be enforcable in this case? Could the ticket for the insurance be suppressed?

Anyway, we opted to fight the ticket based on violation of our fourth amendment rights. This has me on edge now worrying that may have created a mess for ourselves. Still, the officer stayed that he catches people making this left hand turn all of the time and he was mighty of it. The judge did say we could just pay “court costs” because we showed the insurance card to him. This is where the rub comes in.

Paying court coast is the same as pleading guilty in our book. It’s “only $24” is what was said. the way the turn was at a traffic lights intersection. Two lane traffic in our direction of travel.  Onto a four lane divided highway.  The turn was made from left turn lane, with the light the right hand lane, open without traffic.  According to the drivers guide in our state (missouri p. 45) this is a legal turn.

I’d love to hear opinions. I think that this is winnable for us.


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