Work week one!

I am finishing my first full week of work today.  It had been a challenge to say the least. But it has also been a good experience too. Except that the chronic pain that caused me disability is taking its toll. I hope that with some more time I will either get the increase pain or that it will lighten up some. The guys who I work with are supportive. I resolved to either hold up my end or quit. I did get an accommodation that stipulates that I must at least 9 hours between shifts as at one point they wanted me to get off at 10pm and turn  around and be there at 5 am the next day.

My mood is leveling pretty well after a medicine change, which is nice. The anger issues are abating somewhat. There have been a couple of times of stupidity by others that have about tripped my trigger! Speaking of triggers,  there is something tripping mine. The difference seems to be that when i do get angry I get worse than a few weeks ago. Time will tell whether that too will out.

I wish that my feet wouldn’t hurt so badly. I am going to get some decent insoles to to help that.  Oh, yeah.  I survived!


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