Work and drugs

This was day three at work I’m still alive even if i am a little grumpy. It is also day 21 of Abilify. I tell a difference in my mood as it is lightening a little bit. But there is also a very dark patch emerging. In fact i feel pretty bad when I slow down for any at all. I’m beginning to wonder if i should bail out from the drugs or her to let me take more.


4 thoughts on “Work and drugs

  1. That’s always a hard question about medication! I just adjusted mine (added a medication), and I have to hope it is a good decision. Just stay in close communication with your prescriber about your symptoms and side effects. Mine told me I waited too long to tell her that what I was taking wasn’t helping enough.


  2. Abilify sucked. I hated that, but don’t bail out. Call her up, and tell her you need to try something else. It’s working, but not really. Maybe you need to combine it with other drugs, or maybe there is something different. I went through 16 combinations of meds before I found one that helped well enough, and allowed me to be me… and not a zombie. My pdoc is awesome. She knows that I know my doses, what I can handle, what I can’t, and when I know something isn’t working. The trial and error part is put into my hands on certain meds. It’s freeing to have a little control, and to have that trust from her. Love her to death…. even though she misdiagnosed me, and it took 4 years for her to figure out I have mixed bipolar disorder. Keep it up, and establish that connection.

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