A sunny day.

I went to help my brother at the lake today. this is the first day that it hasn’t rained in 4 days. This is pertinent because we worked on his boat for all 4 days. He is calling it his $200  boat… That’s because everything that we did cost $200 every time we went for parts. He gets stressed pretty easily so when he jokes like that, I had to laugh.

I helped him run his dock service and got burned despite applying sun screen. It only hurts when someone asks about it. My wife was unhappy about me being gone all day so she was sure to mention it as soon as I got home. But I digress, His truck has been sick too. He is going to pay almost 250 dollars to have his water pump replaced . I mentioned that I could fix it myself but, rightly, he is worried that it might be too much for me to do because of the heat. Since it quit raining, the temperature is rising and has gone from 71 ° yesterday to 85° today.

Well, this is day 14 on Abilify. Maybe I can count today as a damn near “normal” day. A nice calm, but busy pleasant day. I only about went off when I got home and they were waiting for me to go get supper. I don’t know why that should piss me off though. Ha Ha… Anyway, my little flair up didn’t scorch anyone so they have that going for them. Back to drugs.. I’ve been thinking about asking for a more aqqresive plan but these brain drugs can really fuck with a persons mind.

Okay, well on the  dropping of the “f” bomb, I’m going to give this post to the world.


10 thoughts on “A sunny day.

  1. Hello, Leo.
    If I am not wrong, aren’t you talking about William? Can you convey my message to him that I asked about him. It’s been long, I haven’t heard from him. Please, it would be very kind of you.


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