Dollar Woes

Another of the plagues that happen to depressed people is finances. I tend to overspend a lot when I am in the dark.this causes a world of hurt when some of that is meant for bills. i love the calls and notices that come.when in the black, it is hard to care about calling these people back which makes things MUCH better. when I finally get around to making contact, it is usually hell to pay.

I wish that i could think of a way to handle these things better. it would be really nice to always be on top of these things ALL of the time. I don”t know what possible solution that there might be, I just know that it is a pain in the ass when your credit score crashes when I screw up because I’m in the deep black dumper.

I guess that some government agency could regulate us, resrict what we can do with our money, etc. etc. etc. I shouldn’t say that too loud as there are probably some conservatives who would like to see something like this implemented… I jest, but this is truly a dire problem. Not just for psych-sick people but also for businesses. Any program to assist would be fraught with a multitude of problems.

How, for example would a business determine a person’s eligibilty for some type of program? Medical records are strictly cofidential and who would want to reveal personal information? Lenders already dig pretty deep into everyones lives as it is. I am going to devote some time to this issue. Maybe I can use my business education and really savvy brain to crack this issue!


One thought on “Dollar Woes

  1. I know what you mean about bills and bill collectors…just another term for harassment, IMHO. By the way, thanks for the follow at bpnurse. I look forward to reading more of your blog too!


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