His royal assness (me)

I’m waiting on my wife at the Dr office. Spunky and I are entertaining people as they go by. (Spunky is our diva dog). I have been a royal ass the last few days. I know that my attitude is changing but I don’t know if it is result of the abilify or the bipolar bullshit.

I’m still having trouble thinking of myself bipolar. In fact, it makes me angry! Perhaps this is a part of what bipolar is. ..anyone have some insight to share?

if bp is the key, is taking the abilify at a low dose causing it to manifest? If so I might go to the Dr to adjust the stuff. In the meantime I’m going to try to moderate my attitude the best I can. I hate taking new drugs, seeing new Dr’s and new therapists… it seems to always upset my system, dysfunctional as it might be.

Okay, this is day 4..


One thought on “His royal assness (me)

  1. When the possibility of me being/having bipolar.. (I still know whether to say have or being) was brought up by my GP I had some time to adjust to the idea before the psychotherapist finally diagnosed me with it.

    At first I was angry. I thought, this is part of reason I have been the way I have been since I could remember. That’s not fair. I didn’t ask for that. It wasn’t something ordered online and expected to be delivered!

    As time went by and the meds starting doing their magic (lol) I started to think about accepting it as a part of me. It’s not that easy though.

    I’m still adjusting. When I realised that bipolar isn’t something I can get rid of with a magic spell, that it’s a long term thing. It scared me. I dont want to be this way. I imagine I’m clay or playdough. Malleable.

    I think it helps to be open minded. If it helps to look at from many angles then that might be your thing yknow? I think personally I’m going with the bumpy flow and learning these things along the way. It’s hard to watch people who aren’t well, not realise they need to help themselves above all.

    Best wishes for you on your journey buddy.



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