…and on the third daayyy….

This is day three of taking abilify. I have been very tired the last few days which should be attributed more to physical activity than to the new drug. I have been irritable and angry too but I’m unsure of the origins of those nuisances. I think that keeping a monolog about how things go will help me articulate results when i go back to the head Dr. Taking new chemicals is always an adventure, especially psych drugs. In the past I’ve taken some that caused my blood pressure to drop to around 90/40. Others caused dry mouth, constipation, loss of libido, sleepiness, extreme alertness, and much, much ,more. As a teenager, I was not into trying drugs recreationally. But now, forget the ’70s! Before this is over as usual i will probably get to experience a few more psychotropics.

Speaking  of Drs, I made an appointment with a Dr who I have seen before. I believe that he might be able to guide me to a possible resolution to my pain problem, I hope! I wish that I had faith in the surgeon who cut me open nearly 10 years ago now. The man has no respect. I ended up having him as a surgeon because of his experience with my condition. In retrospect, i would have done a wider search to select someone with both experience and respect. Is respect absolutely necessary? I believe that it is. An anesthesiologist adamantly suggested to me that i go to sleep with positive thoughts and a positive outcome in my mind. I firmly believe that surgery went very well with minimal problems or discomfort by following that advice. To go further, I believe it essential to have firm faith in the people who are going to care for me in my most vulnerable state.

Anyway, I see him in two weeks. Stay tuned. Updates will follow!


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