Outboard, overboard!

I haven’t worked as hard any over the past few years as i did the past two days. My brother has had boat problems  lately and asked me if I’d help him get it fixed. This kind of work is exactly i used to do full time before I got hurt. Since then i still do some but on top of not doing much mechanic work anymore, it’s been really hot and humid. (Humid is my killer) But after two days, we got it fixed!

Getting that job accomplished means a lot to both of us. I have been having some brain issues, depression, and doing constructive things usually helps. I am beat! I won’t get to go out with him tomarrow to see if it runs out, but i feel confident that all will go well. It feels good to know that I can still do the work, even if it is one small job.

I even got a decent trade for it. His 88 hp outboard for the work I did with him. Next will be us working on my boat. ..I can hardly wait!


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