Imaginary tinnitus

I get stuck sometimes. Like right now. In order to write something when I’m stuck l use my imagination. I’m having a lot of tinnitus tonight so maybe I’ll to work in also. And my left elbow is a pain. Ok so far I’ve got imaginary left tinnitus elbow to work with and that ain’t all bad. compared to rest of my body, it seems comical!

Imagine, if you will, the first day of summer ’15. My left elbow has been out mowing and working in yard all day. The pressure is intense get this essential work done on time. Boss had been on my case for minutes today. The grass had been growing at an unbelievable rate of a millimeter a day and is nearly out of control!

So I got to the machine shed  (garage) and get the lawnminator. This is a beast of a machine designed to mow at incredible speeds! When the engine starts, it roars to life. Hearing is the first thing to go and when it does return, dreaded tinnitus! My imagination runs wild! What if this spawns the awful elbow torture.?!

Okay, I didn’t say i have a great sense of imagination now did I? And i thought this all up in one sitting! I’ve heard that there are even competitions involving imagination writing. Imagine, competition writing. I might have to think about that possibility.


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