Just a little water.

I got wet today. Global warming is making it rain cats and dogs here in the American heartland! My brother and I had some work to do at the lake and it started to rain shortly after we got there. It continued to pour on us until. ..well until we left the lake, drove home, dried off,  and put on dry clothes. In fact it is still raining. We live at the top of a hill and the weather service has issued us a flood warning. I have seen it rain enough to flood the downtown area. A highway patrolman and his wife took their paddle boat and traveled the main street covering a two block area. The business people have installed barriers they can close across their entrances. But it will really have to rain hard if the flood waters are going to wash us off of this hill, I want you all to know.

Hurricane Bill (it ain’t a hurricane now) is making what were some really dry places, really wet right now. Like Texas, where they actually are flooding, and Oklahoma, a state whose state mineral is red clay dust. Up until a month ago, all they could do was complain about how dry it was. ..and now! Now they can’t wait for it stop! (I poke fun but this could become serious) of course in those states tornadoes sometimes accompanies the rain. That is an incredibly thing.

I don’t think that California has had their fill yet. I’m not sure that they have had ANY rain yet.. Too bad that we can’t divert some of this wet west a ways… i recently saw a picture of Lake Mead. It is basically a narrow mud puddle with ponton boats lined up, end to end down the middle of it. Law makers (funny phrase that). Feds threaten fines and jail for watering green stuff to keep it green, and state and locals threaten the same if they let the green turn brown! A startup company might make it big time by painting everything green! Just think. ..spray paint from airplane. .you could cover an entire neighborhood in a couple of passes!

Strange thing, the weather, always has a way to provide people something to talk about, even if they are perfect strangers. I can hear them: “Nice weather we’re havin’… Yep, nice weather”. Now there is an opening line right there, don’t ya know. And no matter where a person is from, anyone can sound hillbilly talking about the latest snow storm. “Ya hear bout them thar people what got stuck in the snow?” “Yep. It ain’t every day we get a whole quarter inch ‘o snow here in LA.. there was Portches scattered all over Hollywood ‘n Vine”.. Now there is a script for Top 40 Dumb Drivers

Global warming. .I remember the globe being pretty hot back in the ’70’s. As kids we used to have to walk places barefoot. The pavement would get so hot that the tar would bubble up on the road surface and the only relief we got was when cards would run us off the road into ass-high weeds on the side of the road. (Republicans were in office back then. ..no tax money to more no damn grass, that’s for DAMN sure! ). I also remember the 2″ of ice that covered everything. .in late May just a month before it topped 90°F!

Then came the ’90’s when Mt St. Helens blew is top clean off! It wasn’t only hot, it was dusty, couldn’t hardly see the sun or nothing! Oh, yeah. Scientists recorded cooler temps because of that dust. Think on that a minute. We hoomans might be warming up our little rock of paradise by gradually changing our atmosphere, but Momma Nature can change shit one heck of a lot faster, in a lot less time. (I’ll preach the It Wont Hurt To Be Good Stewards lecture some other time)

In the mean time, enjoy the rain while it’s here, save a little, it can’t hurt. If you like the sun there is still some of that, too. Pick up a beer can, open a Dew and enjoy life. Even if you do have to get wet once in a while. 😂


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