A really bad day….

I recently found out that I am a white racist male.I now believe that I personally oppress people in minorities. It must be true as I am white and male. While I endeavor to treat everyone who I meet with courtesy and mirror the respect shown me it would seem that doesn’t matter. I am white and male so I must be racist.

The “white” values I have been raised in must be intrinsically evil. My family is not native to this land and are fairly recent immigrants. As a result of research into my family’s history I can be certain that we did not enslave or persecute any people’s. Despite my findings, just being white is reason enough to ensure my racism.

Unbelievable. If I am racist should I act like one? What things, what actions would I undertake. Wear a sheet and burn a cross? That doesn’t fit with my fashion sense, sorry. Shall I call people names and if so, what? Names that I hear come from some of these very groups of minorities? That certainly doesn’t seem appropriate. Their own exhortations embarrass me. I don’t understand why they call themselves names that they so vehemently reject from whites.

I have been in a positions in the past that have caused me nightmares to this day. On involved a group of white males in a car who tried to run me off of the road. That encounter ended when another car stopped. Good thing for me. When I was nineteen and on my way to enlist into the Air Force (and quite naive) I was expertly lured out of the bus station in Kansas City and robbed by two black males. I was equally scared by both encounters. This was the very first time I even met a black person I will say that they made a big impression.

I’m going to make a supposition at this point. Because I am white and male, then I must be racist. Isn’t that like racist me making a statement that black men are all criminals because they are the majority of inmates in prisons This no-win scenario where all white men are racist, and who are completely responsible for the woes of minorities and where minorities are entitled because of atrocities committed largely by whites mostly in the past 2-300 years sickens me. No wonder depression, anxiety, anger, bigotry and discrimination have engulfed the world.


One thought on “A really bad day….

  1. White people are not all racist, but I do believe that we have all (often unintentionally) benefited from racism. For example, my family came here as immigrants from Wales and Germany, without a lot of money. But they had much more opportunity for education and jobs than did Africans who were brought here as slaves or later were freed slaves but subject to Jim Crow laws. Having educated grandparents meant my parents grew up with more opportunities to go to college, and that in turn brought opportunities to me that some others didn’t have. It meant my grandfather could own land that was later sold and was a nice inheritance for my mom, making her retirement easier. My grandfather had that land at the same time that Japanese Americans had to see their land dirt cheap before they were sent to internment camps. Their children didn’t get to inherit from that land. Being white also meant, for example, that my brother wasn’t necessarily seen as “dangerous” if he walked through an unfamiliar neighborhood. So compared to people of color, I have had the benefits of some advantages and/or not encountering some disadvantages. It doesn’t mean I am personally prejudiced. On the contrary, I consider myself a white ally to anti-racist efforts because I really do want to see a world where everyone has opportunities, not only those who were lucky enough to be born white and middle class. And I think as an ally, I have to listen to the voices of other people who have had different experiences. Some of them will be angry and will make over-generalizations about white people. It’s understandable, even if it isn’t accurate. It helps me to not take it personally and to just see it as an expression of many, many small and large experiences with racism.
    I hope my response doesn’t offend you–it’s not meant to. I just want to suggest a different take on the statement that “white men [or white people] are all racist.”


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