A less stressed life?

In my next life I think that I’d like to have a little less stress. Now that is kinda a bold statement I know. Besides I don’t know too many people who don’t want that for themselves. How would one achieve such a goal? I guess that shortly after being born you could take up residence in a cave somewhere and as long as it didn’t cost you anything to stay, that could be a start. And a diet of crickets would sustain someone, at least they wouldn’t starve (might get scurvy though). So there we have housing and food such as it would be..

Those two things cause a lot of stress because of cost and availability. But there are so many other stressors that come into play. People. Boy, talk about stress! So what do we do about those people who really get under our skin? We actually have to interact, at least minimally, given the vast number of people on our planet. That and you have to come out of the cave once in a while.

Back to annoying people. Sorting people isn’t like sorting rocks out of beans even though there are definitely people who seem to have rocks for brains. The thoughts that come from rocks I would guess might be like the ones that come from obnoxious and intolerable individuals. I haven’t been real successful avoiding rocks in my life. I’ve stubbed my toes, knocked my head against them and tripped over them. Just like those people.

Given that humans are the largest stressor in life… Damn…people who damage us are usually those who we cannot avoid. Dysfunctional parents from the very beginning start the process. No way can an infant escape parents. But the thing that can be done is what I have done. I have avoided the actions and behavior that my father exhibited all of my life. I have done my best to be a role model to other people, especially children even before my own children were born. That is how we can curb abuse and neglect in this society. That is how we can help limit the ailments that plague this world. By being mentors and protect every child.


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