A confused,crazy state

I have started a number of new posts. Most of them are way off base and alarming even to me. I won’t post stuff like that because of a long ago (over forty years) betrayal. Besides if it sounds crazy to me just imagine how it would sound to the rest of the world. LOL I need a head shrinker. Of course even if I had one, this subject would never be brought up. It’s one of those paradoxical situations. I don’t trust psychiatrists any farther than I can throw them but I could use a little help with some other crap.

I’ve been told that I have PTSD. Extra stress really puts problems into overdrive for me. Money issues keep me awake and my old standby way of staving off the anxiety, ie, noting that there is nothing that can be done in the middle of the night, isn’t working. Damn. I get a chunk of life ironed out and another springs up in its place. The big picture shows a lack of other things to distract me. Those who follow my garbled writing know about my desire to find a real job and the temporary halt to the search.

Id like to go back to college to get my MBA. I like school. Learning more about subjects that I am interested plus the social interaction is very pleasing to me. I’m not going to rule out returning to the classroom. At least not until I turn eighty, and maybe not even then! Speaking of the classroom, while there it’s a real need for online classes, I don’t think that a totally online degree is of as much value as one that requires facetime in a class with other students. That is my opinion only. People will learn in whatever manner suits them.

Okay, that’s about all for this post. As usual, the act of writing is a little calming and that is good enough for now.


3 thoughts on “A confused,crazy state

  1. I had known my current therapist for something like seven or eight years before I talked to her about being abused by my dad. (Trust issues? Me?!) But Cherokee Doll is right–sometimes you can let them help you with the easier stuff.


    1. For me trust was just enough to release a little pressure. My first experience with mental health issues was definitely bad. Trust… It’s a hard concept!
      I still get a hard knot in my gut just thinking about “therapy “


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