Stupidity revisited (mine)

My mental state often leads me to making poor financial decisions. I have finally adapted to a fixed income at least as far as regular monthly expenses. But my credit score improved enough to obtain a credit card which rapidly exploded to seven in a short time. The dark cloud lightened when there was imaginary money to spend. I’m sure that there those people out there who are familiar with this phenomenon. So I’ve gone stupid with them now. I feel really great about this situation. NOT!!!

The Mercy health care system is also a fucking nightmare. Doctors and hospital debts are handled separately, plus the fact that each bill is collected individually. Consolidating Dr bills kinda works, except if any get sent to collections, both the collection agencies AND Dr offices do their best to collect on the same debt. Nice, right? It is not possible to combine Dr and hospital bills. Oh, hospitals in the Mercy system don’t collaborate when it comes to finances so if more than on facility is used you’re hosed there too. I am sick to near death about this whole thing.

For me, this is a lifelong pattern. This time has been the longest period of time which stupid didn’t stomp me into a hole this deep and has really got me down. I just don’t have a mechanism to haul my ass up out of this hole this time. With the cessation of a job search and lack of a therapist I don’t even have the desire to even try.

My last post queried “what to do? “. My answer to that question is.. Absolutely nothing.


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