Fear and anxiety… No sleep tonight!

I’m going to say that the last part isn’t true, sorry. But the fear part is true. Tonight I’m afraid because two years ago I had an eye exam and the doctor saw an area of interest which was photographed and mapped. I go for my next routine exam tomarrow and I’m a little worried. I count on my vision and the thought of it being diminished, well you get the point.

A friend of mine would point out that fear is a necessary thing. It keeps us from doing stupid things unintentionally. Without fear going into danger would be a life ender. Walking in front of a moving car or confronting a wild animal. But fear can be a crippler. Constant fear produces high anxiety. The body its always in fight or flight mode the energy required would soon be expended leaving exhaustion and anxiety.

I used to have a plan to combat both emotions. First thing is to analyze the true problem. The thing at the core eating at the psyche, causing the fear. Second is to acknowledge that problem and not deflect. My example about my fear of vision loss and then acknowledgment that there it’s nothing that can be done right now. Next is what to do about it. I have an appointment to determine if there is a problem to be addressed.

It is at this point in time that a recap of the process is in order. While worry will still be there, confidence that everything that can be done is being done, can take the edge off of the anxiety caused by fear of the unknown. This is not my own original idea and I wish that I could give credit. Give this a try, more than once, maybe it will bring you a few winks of sleep that you wouldn’t otherwise have.


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