” Treatment ” experience part two of * * *?

After the debacle I faced while in the military. I found myself unemployed and still in distress. I was confused about whether my decision to leave the Air Force was the right one. I was terribly confused about the lack of caring and lack of treatment while I was still in the service. I talked to my mother and she had a sympathetic ear but not any useful advice. Some research found a community mental health service. I made an appointment and on the first visit, the counselor suggested that there were “always prostitutes ” when I lamented my complete lack of social life. I was embarrassed, I had to leave. Looking back, it must have been obvious that I had ZERO experience with women.

I didn’t seek help again for a couple of years after that. I was an adolescent virgin dealing with depression and anxiety after a life altering ordeal with the career ending mistreatment and he suggested I seek out a prostitute. Hell that might have actually helped in some way except for just a few things: I had NO idea where to find one. Had NO idea how to negotiate (I was lucky to strike up a conversation with any girl) still don’t * NO idea about protecting myself.. You get the picture…

Ironically, as I was leaving, I heard him make a phone call telling someone that he had time now “come on down ”  Talk about set back! When I finally found another therapist much later, it took a bunch of beating around the bush, trying to talk about anything… Then I was told that counselors sometimes suggest prostitutes in some circumstances.. I moved on as I couldn’t ask the afore mentioned questions… Still gauche, you think?

I did get around to girls and marriage around age thirty.. I’d lol here if there was something funny here… Truth to be known girls and sex is still a huge issue. With the impotence caused by the antidepressants, and the chronic pain managed by opioid pain medications, I’m surprised my wife is letting me stay around.. I’m not sure that I would.

Okay that probably sums up the “second ” “therapy ” experience. Not to worry, if I remember any important details I’ll add them in later. For those of you who have read this far, have a good night!


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