How to lose :

I started losing little things a ways back.

I lost two weeks of memories once after a round of ECT’s. It wasn’t much of importance. Just the last time that my Aunt Barb come to our part of the country. But, hey the drugs were pretty good, at least as far as I remember..

I lost being  happy for… Well for a really long time for no reason. It comes with my brain model using the default settings. Happiness is overrated anyway, right? 

I  lost what little bit of libido I had taking the only antidepressant that ever brought my mood out of the septic tank. Having no desire is almost as bad as being depressed though so now what!

I’ve lost ten years of productive life because of a stupid decision to have a simple surgery.  (didn’t help the libido much either) Bwahaahaahaaaa !!

I’ve lost being much of a husband…

Just be depressed for fifty years.. You’ll lose…


6 thoughts on “How to lose :

  1. I am not pressing the ‘like’ button today even though I do. As piece of writing this is fascinating, raw and disturbing but as part of your memoir, your life story it means much more. I’d love you to write more but what I really would like to know is what you have found 😉

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      1. well you have lost many things over the last years but during this time what have you found out about yourself, what have you gained? – you may not think it but you may have found a new respect, confidence or understanding of yourself by losing time, productivity, and (sadly) your libido. I think you will be surprised x


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