Does today matter?

Today was a good day, I got out of bed at the usual time: noon. This has become a habit these days. I just don’t have anything to get up for these days. I’ve never been a morning person but now I would sleep continuously if it were possible. This can be a symptom of depression but I don’t feel particularly depressed, I just don’t care.

Recently I’ve been job searching. I even have an employment service to help me in my search but now I’m just not all that interested. My health is stable. I love that phrase. Stable means unchanging and that it is indeed. No changes in ten years despite my search for answers to daily pain and other issues. I went to a”pain clinic” they just don’t deal with severe abdominal pain. Too bad. I would like to regain my desire to live again.


8 thoughts on “Does today matter?

  1. It’s way too easy to get used to NOT working lol. I also love sleeping late and will never b a morning person. I had to approach finding a job as my job. Up at 9 and worked til noon. Then took an hour break and then back at it til about 4:30 or 5.


  2. My depression is definitely worsening since I have been unemployed. Aside from money worries, and feelings of uselessness as I watch my girlfriend pay for everything and go to work at a job she hates to support us, I found that I needed the structures and habits, the deadlines and expectations to keep me moving forward and coping. Without a job, I am growing less and less capable of handling my illness each day, and that scares me.


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