Writing. Now, a simple thing,  but once a school child’s nightmare. It is a simple thing for those people who were taught how to do it. For me and millions of others, it started in kindergarten, learning how to carefully trace each character and learning those character’s sounds. The process was a long one, it took years to master the intricacies of language. We started with printing and later to cursive, in fact,  cursive  writing is a faster and more beautiful (for some) form. It is a crying shame that they are not going to teach cursive in school anymore. So much for calligraphy. When I graduated from junior college,  there was a woman who wrote everyone’s name in exquisite handwriting.

In this electronic’s age writing is relegated to the thought process. With autocorrect, which makes the wrong choice about 75% of the time, spell check,  which means you don’t have to be able to spell, the most a writer has to do is come up with a decent idea to write about. This writer still likes to write on paper with a decent pen. Writing, editing and printing on a computer or tablet makes the whole thing smooth and clean, yet sterile. Writing long handgives one a little time. Time to consider word selection and tone of voice. Plus the pen just feels good in one’s hand.

So, what are we missing?  Writing long hand also gives the writer a little extra time to reflect on the next sentence, or the next paragraph. Writing by hand won’t away as long as there is a to make a mark on some type of medium.


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