Wonderful rain

I remember as a child I lived on a farm with my family. Spring time came with torrential rains. And the lightning was fierce with booming thunder following closely behind. I’ve always liked watching lightning, so long as I weren’t outside. Watching it streak across the sky was exciting and a little frightening too. I’ve seen lightning strike near and far… Ohhh..  what a chill it would send down my spine.

Later,  when  I was old enough to drive I’d  purposely drive around in the rain watching the rain and lightning. In my car I felt relatively safe. I knew not to leave the car and avoided touching metal parts. Lol I don’t know if that would really make a difference, the part about touching metal… I also rode motorcycle a lot in my 20’s I still rode in the rain but lightning made me afraid. The close or more that there was, the faster I would ride. I’d continue until I rode out of the storm or found shelter.

People have odd ideas about lightning.  Some think that what protects them is the tires. Let’s think on that a moment. It takes about 10,000 volts for electricity to travel an inch through air. Voltage is additive so if lightning travels well over a mile through air, well, that is a lot of resistance to over come. Anyway, it isn’t the 6″ of tire that protects. It’s the metal of the car talking the electricity close enough so that it will jump to ground. A motorcycle works similarly but because the rider is taller, lightning could first strike the rider… Hence my fear.

Now, there are videos of weather of all kinds.  I can watch all of that wondrous rain, lightning and even tornados from the comfort of my chair. But I still enjoy a storm once in a while… Just like right now 😊


4 thoughts on “Wonderful rain

  1. Storms with thunder and lightning scare the bejesus out of me.
    It used to make me really nervous when a rain storm would start while I was driving – not that I’m a bad driver – but because of the fear of lightning getting too close.
    Now when I’m at home and I hear thunder I wait anxiously for the lightning to follow. And when that flash arrives I always get startled even though I know it’s coming 🙂


    1. Just a note: lightning always comes first, it causes the thunder. And if you count after you see lightning ;a thousand – one, a thousand – two etc, each count is about a mile away!


      1. OMG!
        I knew that!
        I had a nagging doubt as I was writing my comment but I just told myself I was right because it’s something you learn in elementary school. How could I possibly be wrong?
        This kind of self doubt/mental block is one of the many things driving me crazy with my illness and all of the meds I take, and why I google everything when I write my posts.
        Thanks for the gentle reminder of how the process works 🙂


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