Artificial intelligence aka autocorrect

I learned to type when I was a teenager. I mean literally, type. I learned on an electric typewriter that, when you pressed to letter button a little arm with the selected letter came up and *pow! *slapped the paper imprinting a letter on the paper. Oohhh, those were the days. Autocorrect those days meant that you either remembered how the word was spelled or you looked it up. If the word was misspelled, you took “White-out” and painted out the offending letters or, alternatively, used an eraser which never worked, as it usually meant a hole ripped in the paper.

Now, here comes the newer,  better way! You are typing along and the machine determines that you spelled a word wrong. Instantly and without any action from you – – zip – bang – zow!!  It “Auto corrects” the ‘wrong’ word for you.  No more liquid paper, no more eraser. It just magically happens. The problem now is that the words aren’t really wrong.. The machine thinks it is and replaces it with what it thinks you typed! So, now, transaction becomes transvestite and you have just made a bank transvestite instead of a transaction… The shame! Forget spell check… All of the words are spelled right, they just don’t make sense.

I remember typing 50 words a minute with no mistakes. Now I make 50  mistakes that make no sense. Of course we can’t go back to the paper slapping machines unless we want to send email snail mail (note the correction). All that is to be done is endure the embarrassment of jibberish, or (no way!!)  review the text before sending… What’s the fun in that?


5 thoughts on “Artificial intelligence aka autocorrect

    1. I was in a junior college when an instructor told me that I had a “propensity” for writing. I thought he was cursing at me.. It was 1984 and there were four apple computers in the school. Everything was written. By hand. Or typewriter.. lol Now they aren’t teaching cursive in school..


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