Dooms day!!! Or, that’s what they say anyway.

My first couple of posts touched on money, or aspects of it anyway. There are those who are talking a lot about the impending crash of society as we know it. This happens lots of times, usually precipitated by an upcoming event, like an important election. Conservatives (I wonder why they are called that?) are quick to say that the “liberals” are spending all of their money. I’m not sure that money is the problem. I’m pretty sure it is having money is the problem. And the more one has, the harder one wants to keep it. I wonder, after you have obtained all that you could ever spend, what’s the deal? Despite some people’s efforts throughout history to take it with them, so far as I know, none have ever succeeded to do so .

The answer, I’m guessing, is fame and notoriety. Pharaohs created huge monuments and tombs which to keep their stuff, and their bodies, but after a whole bunch of years, they and their stuff is still there for the taking. There is something to be said for those who want to provide their descendants something to live on. And philanthropists who leave endowments to further research or ease poverty are righteous in their own way. But I suspect that there are a lot of individuals who simply don’t want anyone to get their stuff.

Point is, there are millions of people who never get to eat enough, or have clothes to wear, or a place to get out of the weather, while some have enough to provide for a much of that aforementioned group. Truthfully, there have been those who have given this thought. Equality in necessities is a socialist concept. One that has never succeeded in pure form. Mostly this is due to one word. Greed. Given practically any group of people, a plan that benefits everyone will fail when a minority finds a way to get more.  More of food, or water,or building materials, money or whatever other commodity is to be had. Inevitably, a minority will come to control what the masses needs. People just seem to want more control, more power and more stuff than anyone else. Funny that.. You can’t take it with you. Maybe some think that they should be in charge because they have more stuff. Like the biggest stick in the playground kind of thing. 

How then, do we as a specie, get to a point where everyone gets their basic needs met.  In nature, sometimes hierarchy mandates one’s status. Lots of higher functioning animals fall in this category. “Survival of the fitest.” I think now, that people fall into this category. As long as I can get mine then all is well. In fact,  if I can get mine and a lot of other people’s stuff then that is much better. Thus is the call of the day. Who can’t point to at least one example of this? Is all of life about the survival of the fitest? Should all creatures have to fight for the right to life, and if so what should be done with the weakest? In the wild the weakest get eaten or just killed. Should people do that too? We are supposed to be better than that.

Being human should mean thinking about these things and then about doing something. Capitalism addresses this partially. Exchange of goods and /or services for money which can then be used to buy the essentials…. Oh wait, greed. People who have a lot of stuff hate socialism in any form. The idea of having to give what got worked for so hard is painful to them! Socialism plus capitalism gets closer to a partial solution to the problem of all of those “have nots”. Socialism in fact, goes much further than that. Streets get paved, water goes through pipes as does sewage. Police, fire and government employees get paid because of socialism. Otherwise, every single family would have to make and maintain its own section of street and sewer etc.  Cooperation with neighbors, no matter what one thinks of them would need to be negotiated, otherwise there would likely not be a concensus as to street composition of pipe diameter.

I’ve never bitched about paying taxes. I’ve disagreed with the amount at times to be sure.  I worked my whole life, paid taxes, SS, and into a pension fund and when need arose, I’ve taken back from the system. I guarantee that the best made plans CAN be laid to waste much quicker than it took to make. Not just on Wall Street or at Jumping Jacks shoes here in town years ago, but to anyone at any time! When one is on top it should be considered how far it is that one can fall. Besides, you can’t take it with you.


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