One of my least favorite subjects but can talk about a lot! Politics

It’s true. Talking about politicians brings nauseum. I disliked GW a lot. From 911 until he left office was pure hell for this country. On 911 he didn’t take action because he didn’t have a clue what to do. That classroom was a safe place to stay while planes were crashing around the country.

Watching his speeches with that  grin on his face… He ate up the excitement like ice cream. And when they made up the WMD story in order to invade Iraq, that was just a diversion to get our minds off of the muddled mess in Afghanistan. Well played, by the way, most of us ate that stuff up! One of my favorite tricks was when he got a trillion dollars pushed through so that we could play in the sand for a few more years. A trillion dollars to go after Saddam and his invisible WMD’s. We Americans were in it like fish on a stringer.

Fast forward now so we don’t vomit.  When Clinton left office the economy was stable. When Bush left,  most of the USA had a lien against it, held by China. I can’t stomach looking up how much we were in the hole at the time,  but it wasn’t one trillion dollars, or two trillion. It was much, much more. If McCain had ran and won in 2008,  how much more money  would we have to agree to in order to keep the war effort going?

What if Romney, the political idiot had won? People bitch about Obamacare. Romney’s idea of affordable care was the emergency room. The ER is what he proposed in one of his moronic speeches when asked what people should do for health-care.. Look it up if you don’t believe it. We may have another opportunity to vote him into office in 2016. Before “conservatives” just vote whatever Republican candidate wins the primary into office give it a couple of minutes of thought. If it’s Romney, just listen to him speak. That should be enough to cause you to vote Democratic. LOL!

Now the moment you were waiting for..(drum roll) Pres. Obama’s time in office. He inherited one hell of a mess. To be honest, anyone elected in 2008 would have had to deal with the same mess. Impressions of Obama were positive at the beginning of his office. But people didn’t like him for various reasons. The main thing that part of the country didn’t like was that he is the first black president. No matter what policies that he might have presented the fact that he is black would have caused that element of the population to disagree with them.

Health-care. This nation needs health-care that is avaliable to everyone. The cost of care has destroyed the livelihood of too many of our citizens. Not to mention the disparity of the quality of care based on how much a person has to pay for it. Obama presented his plan and got it into place. People immediately cried foul. Now the call is out to abolish Obamacare. Whether I it should be rid of or not, my question is this: What is going to replace it? If the answer is to just get rid of it then whoever says that has rocks for brains. The insurance industry has been changed drastically. If careful thought and planning isn’t put into the abolishment or replacement of Obama care, chaos may follow with many people left out of ANY kind of coverage.

Well, that’s my thoughts on this subject. Comment and we’ll discuss it further!


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