Online support groups.

Because of a congenital defect I have a condition that includes chronic pain. I feel fortunate that I have found a group that is comprised of people who share, collectively anyway, all of the same symptoms as myself. Until now, I thought support groups were great but that I knew that I would never need one.. I was wrong and I will not think so lightly of them again. Consider supporting groups that care about any issue that is near to your heart.

Supporting a  group  can be monetary but it also means contributing to it with your thoughts and opinions. The anonymity of the net gives everyone the latitude to stay as far away or as close to people or issues as is comfortable for them.

Atleast it allows a forum where any idea or emotion can be expressed. I have been angry, sad and once, yes I can say it, happy! It isn’t how much you say and, apparently, not about the quality of what u you say but rather it is about the fact that you say SOMETHING.

Another thing is that when I read through posts, some I read throughly and others not so much. I gleen what I need from  each one, just as I do when reading books. I started blogging because my brother has for some time. I am not a poet, nor do I write eloquently. Generally speaking I write what is on my mind and then I am out. Everyone has their own needs and styles. That is what writing here is all about.


8 thoughts on “Online support groups.

  1. Support is wonderful wherever you can find it.
    I’m glad you were able to find a support group for your congenital condition.
    I also have a congenital condition that includes chronic pain as one of its symptoms, but mine is so rare that I can’t find any connections online.
    However, I have been lucky to connect with others who suffer from chronic pain and offer support on how to deal with what has become clear to me is a ubiquitous issue for many coping with chronic/long-term illness.

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    1. I am adult with bowel Malrotation. It is usually discovered near birth and treated early by surgery. Mine was dx when I was 50. There aren’t many of us who have severe symptoms and so not many Dr who treat us.


      1. That’s interesting.
        My condition is also believed to be a congenital gastrointestinal condition. I don’t have a final diagnosis yet. It won’t be confirmed until I have surgery – a resection.
        Until then – and possibly after – I have abdominal pain.


    2. I too know of the consuming thing that is depression. You are not alone in that dark world. Keep your head up, keep looking forward. I didn’t glimpse light until cymbalta came along.. Something will work for you I know that it will.


      1. Thank you.
        I was prescribed Cymbalta but it did nothing for me – pain or mood. I’m taking a cocktail of pain and other meds and still experiencing a lot of pain every day. Luckily my mood has been good.
        I’m glad you have some relief 🙂


      2. It hasn’t always been this way.. The only kind that they didn’t try was MAO inhibitors. Prozac made me mad. Others just killed what little libido that I had.. Even a round of ECT which I don’t recommend. Several stays inpat. You know, hell in a basket kind of thing


  2. Why a resection? Have you had an obstruction? After I was dx malro, I had an ‘open’ ladd’s procedure. And the pain keeps a comin’… I am reluctant to go back to surgeon. I think that I may have a partial obstruction which doesn’t present when testing… Go figure… I’m empty… Lol lol if only it was funny.


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