Money inequality or, You can’t take it with you.

CEO’s, even in small companies tend to draw huge salaries. Some are founders of companies, others hired because they have “proven” their worth. I read an article today that said that lots of CEO’s draw up to 350 times as much as others in the company. While leaders have historically made more, are they worth 350 times as much? When the bottom of the food chain is making $8 or LESS an hour and sometimes has to hold two jobs like that to survive, ARE CEO’s worth that?

In amongst the multitude of readings that proclaim that right of extravagance, there has been a sprinkling of messages from CEO’s who are putting money back into their business. One that I read about recently is the head of a payment company who has cut his own salary in order to give his people a generous step up in pay. Bringing EVERYONE to $70,000 a year. Not only that, but until his company hits a certain amount in profit, he has reduced his own salary down to the very same $70,000,  down from the $1,000,000 figure that he was making!

This is a man who is telling his people that he cares that they make enough money to pay their rent, and have the money to live a decent life.  Most people, I think would take a lot of pride to work for him. I know that I would. This is, without doubt, an over the top action to take. Many other leaders will shake their heads and mumble something about what an idiot this guy is being… Will people expect US to do something like this?

Talking this drastic a step isn’t something that I would expect from many, if any, other company heads. But if others follow similar paths to bring equality into people’s lives and livelihoods, think of the impact on productivity this could bring. Instead of a work force that hates to get out of bed, only to look forward to another day to earn a pittance. Now, bring on an empowered, career minded set of employees,  committed to a life of which they are proud to be a part! A company such as this one will surely thrive because an empowered worker will, themselves, go above and beyond in order to succeed.

Imagine. A world that people can be happy to live in because someone cares enough to share.



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