Getting a job.

I have been remarkably naive in my life time. I have stated that people who really want to work can find a job. This isn’t always true. Doh! If fact, if a person has a lot of experience and is “old” chances are a job won’t be had. Not at McDonald’s, and not selling Grit. After working 30+ years, I can’t even get an interview. This is partly because I’m a journeyman maintenance tech. I went back to university and earned my degree in Business Administration. So now I’m an over qualified journeyman blah blah blah…. I’m also on disability so I don’t have job continuity.

Want to know why people don’t get off of the “people’s dime”? Because some of them at least can’t. And it’s really annoying. Given the opportunity, many people in my circumstances would be model employees. Too bad. I just want a job. And one more thing.  I’ve paid thirty years into Social Security so it is actually MY dime!


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