The health care system.

My extended family have had various pain issues. Back pain, chronic pain, and headaches for examples. I have thought that “pain management” doctors would be the place to go to address pain of all types but it turns out that, mostly, they want to treat only pain that they can stick a needle into. Back injections, and joint injections are most common. So where and who does a person go to with chronic abdominal pain? General practitioners are reluctant to prescribe pain medicines for long term. If they do it is only to treat it to a point and then are out of their comfort zone. Some GP’s think like I do that a pain management practice would be the place to turn. Unfortunately, this has proven to not be the case. Has anyone had a more positive experience? I’d like hear from you.


One thought on “The health care system.

  1. I’ve had a very different experience. The pain clinic I go to for treatment is a good one.
    The doctors treating me are anesthesiologists who have an holistic approach to pain management. In addition to prescribing pain medications (my meds have been adjusted multiple times), they have been open to me engaging with other treatments: acupuncture, meditation, mindfulness, iRest.
    They are also prepared to explore various types of pain interventions if my future surgery(s) fail.
    I hope you’re able to connect with with a pain specialist who can provide better support for you.

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